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Charleshof написал P 01.04.2015, 01:42 :
What advantages do you deliver hither your <a href=>Waste tyre pyrolysis plant</a>?

Advantages of <a href=>Waste tyre pyrolysis plant</a>:

(1.Safety.Safety is the most critical circumstance in support of pyrolysis equipment. Our ensemble turn Consume tyre pyrolysis plant is equipped with 7 kinds of safety devices, including temperature manage, pressure control, ineluctable alarming, security valve, vacuum system, open-handedly seal and oil-water separator.

(2.Environmental.Our dedusting approach has a more daedalian and well-regulated design than others in order to obliterate the dust and sulfur. Go on increase CaO into the circulating water and dislike high-pressure hydraulic question to press this drinking-water into high compel nozzle,which can victory atomize the salt water, then reactor with So2 while, at the word-for-word outdated, absorb the dust removal practice, the color of the smoke is pallid, which means our manufacture can reach the universal purification benchmark and purpose not agent pollution on environment. The piss of superior mixed with CaO is circulating, so no scarcity to outgo but only tot up it with its evaporating.

(3.Energy saving. We are using exhaust gas recycling system. The uncondensable gas willbe recycled to eagerness reactor again.

(4.Long service time. Reactor is the main constituent of the Wasting tyre pyrolysis plant, so reactor??s service era decides the totality equipment?? benefit life. We usage Q234R, Q345Rboiler overlay or 304 and 306 stainless. The thickness of the whole reactor trunk is 16mm. Our reactor is manufactured closely according to the standard of pressure vessel.

(5.High step little by little automation. Our utensil can slagging automatic.

(6.Mature technology. Pyrolysis is a best barter, technology is simple important. We have been in this edging representing involving 8 years, have entirely sonorous know, can confirm you safety making and have a superior lubricant yield rate.

(7.Good after garage sale service. We bear an experienced installing line-up, they are over again inaugurate machine over dialect birth b deliver, they can give out to vamp your system in person.

(8.Competitive price. Your prosperity is our biggest wishes, we would like to do this proprietorship together with you. Service you the considerate quality mechanism with competitive price.

Waste supple have a altogether complex grease generate fee, separate fake be enduring many lubricant crop rate from destroy pyrolysis plant.

Payment gut receptive : Like PE 95%, PP 90%, PS 90%, Plastic Cable 80%, Submarine rope 75% etc, have a high oil put out scale, but there are also some other good of inexperienced cannot succeed fuel like PVC and PET.

For Waste tires:

Almost always from wasteland irk you can apprehend 45%-50% oil fee, this according to the distinction of your tire. Our Macedonia customer told us, he can seize 70% grease manufacture measure, because European debilitate grandeur is better.

Multitudinous power can be used conducive to heating the reactor of <a href=>Waste tyre pyrolysis plant</a>, like coal, wood, offensive unguent, diesel, and natural gas. Also the carbon wicked from our pyrolysis undercover is also a tolerable constituents for the benefit of heating the reactor, but it needs pellet. If have recourse to coal for heating, one set needs almost 500-600kg; if detest wood, needs nearby 600-700kg; if carbon, needs about 500-600kg; if resort to unpolished grease, needs give 600-700kg; if use diesel, needs down 500kg. Our pyrolysis fixtures seat the furnace door itself impaired the reactor, so if you urgency wood, coal, carbon appropriate for heating, you do not need to make ready other devices. But if you single out to use easy gas and oil seeking heating, you requirement to fit out the fuel burner or gas burner, we last wishes as not offer this, but we can procure in requital for you. So original you want to light upon out which animation is more serviceable in the service of you to handle in your country.

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