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Aliceityd написал P 13.10.2014, 21:25 :
Fuji Japanese media cited a variety of known or appear abnormal eruption signs again

According <a href=>piumini peuterey outlet</a> to Japan's Livedoor site July 7 reported that since 2013 was registered as a World Heritage Site, Mount Fuji as a "symbol of Japan" more people in the world known for. But recently, in fact, an active volcano of Mount Fuji "true" once again striking a precursor to a series of volcanic eruptions occur, people can not help but worry whether the outbreak has entered the countdown again. Up to now, mainly in the following mutation of Mount Fuji 5:00.

? Kawaguchiko "Hex Hall" level exception

March 2013, the water level in Lake Kawaguchi sharp decline has occurred, even to the extent of even the boats were unable to successfully pass. In the local survey in 2014 showed that the water level of Lake Kawaguchi east coast and the West Bank, compared with the past produced a very big change, according to this phenomenon, a local official explained that some changes may be taking place in the earth's crust.

? famous attractions "spring of the waterfall" of water plummeted

Fuji's famous attractions "Stephen's waterfall" in the spring of 2014 suddenly dry phenomenon occurred. Since March 15, 2011, due to the 6.4 earthquake in the eastern part of Shizuoka <a href=>bottes louboutin</a> Prefecture Richter, began to significantly reduce the amount of water falls, near <a href=>piumini peuterey</a> the parking lot is built on this spot in the final blow. Near the surface cracking place very much, the official said this could imply that the underground water vein has been drying up.

? northeast direction "Takizawa Lindau" destruction

Asphalt Takizawa Lindau occurred <a href=>chaussures louboutin</a> up to 300 m of mass destruction and collapse. According to the survey in June 2014 showed that the situation around the surface cracking and loosening of the shoulder showing the state has been very serious. Sleeping in the underground permafrost may melt as the temperature rises, which also caused damage within the range considered.

? "Daze" rapid collapse situation

Osawa west of the foothills of Mount Fuji status quo worrying. Near the "Daze parking lot" on March 14, 2014 subject to the northwest slopes of the massive avalanche struck, suffered serious losses. Avalanche of reasons can be attributed to the increase in geothermal temperature, resulting in years of snow melt.

? Dream "Akaike" disappears

Fuji Mountain in Shanxi's "sophisticated Lake" on the eastern side, there is a <a href=>moncler sito ufficiale</a> seven year a fantastic lake now known as the "red pool." But at the lake was recognized as no longer appear in front of people since the fall of 2011. Although this year's massive melting snow, the water is extremely abundant, but the "red pool" still does not reproduce the figure, attracting local people a doubt. (Internship compile: Zhao Yuetong Reviewer: Wang Huan)

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